Tuesday , October 16 2018

Calculation of Indemnity and leave salary

Kindly calculate my indemnity and leave salary. Joining date 01-05-2006 Resign from 01-06-2015 Salary basic KD 225 per month Allowance KD 15 per month Every year the company gives me commission and incentive This time the company paid KD 500 for the fiscal year ending June 2014. Leave: 1 month paid leave per year.

Name withheld

Answer: First of all, please remember that commissions don’t count in the calculation of the indemnity, only the basic salary and all the allowances that you get regularly. In your question you have not mentioned the amount of bonus that you receive per year or have received this year. Secondly, you have also not mentioned that type of allowance that you receive, because not all (although most of them) allowances are counted in the calculations of the indemnity and also the annual leave payment. So, in absence of the above information we can’t calculate your indemnity nor the annual leave payment.

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