Tuesday , October 16 2018

‘Burganers Development Program’ welcomes new batch – Burgan Bank’s training acts as comprehensive initiation of career in banking

New batch of young bankers for the ‘Burganers Development Program’.

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: Burgan Bank announced the start of its periodic staff training and development module: “Burganers Development Program”. The program, which caters to new batches of recruits, focuses on providing well-rounded training and professional preparation and acts as a comprehensive initiation of a career in banking.

The program has been established in 2009 and focuses on three aspects. The first part introduces new recruits to Burgan Bank Group: its core culture and values, standards of work and performance, and business model and strategic direction. The second part educates them on banking operating models, aligns them with international banking and regulatory standards, as well as provides intense technical and operational knowledge. In addition, the recruits perform professional role-playing to showcase their selling and customer service skills. The Burganers Development Program enables the Bank’s new recruits to be prepared to efficiently perform and adapt to Burgan Bank’s working environment and requirements from day one.

Commenting on the program, Ms. Halah El Sherbini, Group Chief Human Resources and Development Officer said: “The 6 week development program is considered merely a trigger point to a long-term investment which the Bank undertakes in its employees.

It paves the way to a proper base for future bankers and professionals as it equips them with banking knowledge and technical and operational know-how. The structure of the program acts as a fast-track lane for new recruits as they enter the banking sector.”

“The program not only introduces local banking requirements and aligns them with international banking standards but it comes as part of a comprehensive career development strategy set to invest and enable staff to progress dynamically in their careers with emphasis on high learning and innovation at the same time.

The strategy aims to properly and individually invest in each staff across Burgan Bank Group in order to continuously raise performance standards and productivity, provide a challenging and complex working environment, as well as set individual career trajectories based on identifying capability and performance.”  added Ms. El Sherbini.

Burgan Bank Group is a diverse regional financial powerhouse which now includes more than 850 employees in Kuwait and a wide network of 186 branches strategically distributed across Kuwait, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

The Group, as part of its diverse operating module and high standards, aims at providing challenging, dynamic, and highly progressive career opportunities. It believes that investing in human development within Burgan Bank Group, is an investment in human development and progress overall.

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