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Wednesday , February 8 2023

Budgets panel meets again Wednesday to lay down its work mechanism

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MP Al-Mudaf criticizes the way finmin responded to his queries

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: The parliamentary Budgets and Final Accounts Committee on Sunday elected MP Mubarak Al-Arow as chairman and MP Yousef Al-Ghareeb as rapporteur. The committee will meet again on Wednesday to lay down its work mechanism for the current parliamentary round. Also, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji was declared chairman of the Public Funds Protection Committee and Al-Arow as rapporteur. Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al- Mudaf criticized the way Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic and Investment Affairs Khalifa Hamada responded to his queries.

Al-Mudaf pointed out that he asked about the public properties rented out at very low rental fees, but the minister said his queries are unconstitutional because they are related to confidential information. He argued such information should be available to the citizens, since it is about public funds and have noting to do with State security. He reiterated that oil industries are important; considering the State cannot function without fully benefiting from oil, which constitutes almost 90 percent of the national income.

He wondered why Kuwait exports crude oil to other countries that, in turn, export oil to Kuwait in the form of different products at exorbitant prices. He said there are many ways of stealing public funds, such as wasting opportunities to boost the economy and to fully benefit from oil — the sole source of national income. On the other hand, MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa forwarded queries to Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali about the alleged plan to reduce the allowances of soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers to the lowest amount. He pointed out that according to the relevant committees, most of these officers deserve the allowances stipulated in the decision issued in April 2021. He wants to know why the allowances have not been paid to the beneficiaries retroactively starting from April 2021 like their counterparts at the Ministry of Interior and National Guard.

MP Fares Al-Otaibi asked Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdulrahman Badah Al-Mutairi about the safety and security procedures in the buildings of the ministry. He wants to know the reason behind the lack of surveillance cameras in the exits, entrances and corridors of the main office. He inquired if the safety and security procedures are in line with conditions specified by the Ministry of Interior. If no, he asked about the reasons for not doing so.

MP Fayez Al-Jomhour forwarded queries to Minister of State for Municipality and Housing Affairs and Urban Development Shaya Abdulrahman Al-Shaya about the delayed provision of water and light posts for West Abdullah Al-Mubarak residential area. He asked if the water reservoirs allocated for the area have been handed over by the State Ministry for Housing Affairs to its electricity and water counterpart. He also inquired if the ministry received complaints from citizens in this regard. If yes, he requested for copies of the complaints and responses of the ministry. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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