Broker swindles citizen – ‘No flat in Turkey’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: An Egyptian real-estate broker swindled a Kuwaiti citizen of KD 60,000 by tricking him into buying a flat in the Turkish city of Istanbul, reports Al-Rai daily. This latest victim in the wave of realestate scams explained to officers of Investigations Department that he received a call from a mobile number, which turned out to belong to an Egyptian man who said he is a real-estate broker working for a particular company and that there are some new apartments in Istanbul which will go up for sale at KD 60,000 within a short time.

The citizen said he was invited to the broker’s house in Mishref area where he was briefed about the documents and the plan of the building and apartment. He was assured that the apartment will be delivered after nine months, and that the payment system will be in three installments of KD 20,000 each. However, after receiving the money, the broker did the disappearing act and then left for his country.

The citizen was not aware of this and realized it only after he went to Turkey one week ago with his wife to see the apartment at the registered address in the papers he was given by the broker. When he found the place was inhabited by other residents, he tried to contact the broker but the latter’s phone was not reachable. The citizen returned to Kuwait to discover that he had fallen victim to a crook who had been fired from the real estate company and had forged the documents given to the citizen. Investigations to find the Egyptian broker are underway.

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