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Wednesday , March 22 2023

‘Broken promises hurt people’s trust in govt’ – ‘Development suspended’

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 4: The government needs a new phase to restore trust by rescheduling development projects on specific dates and addressing issues which remain suspended for decades, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting some activists who were speaking at symposium.

The symposium was held two days ago under the title ‘Crisis of Confidence’. The speakers at the symposium blamed the government in the citizens losing confidence in the nation due to its non-commitment in the implementation of development plans and not applying the law.

Activist Hamid Bouyabes said the government has not fulfilled its promises given to citizens on important issues. This is the reason why the citizens have now lost trust in the government. To name a few failures, he cited the bedoun issue, the Jaber Hospital and the Jaber Bridge.

He added some of the MPs behave like lions during election time and once they get elected, they not only change their color but ‘swallow’ their promises given to the people.

Lawyer Adnan Abel said any criticism directed at the government is useless because we continue to suffer due to an imbalance in the political system. He added, the democracy in Kuwait is 55 years old and this calls on us to evaluate its work. It is unreasonable for the current government, which has been in power since 2011 to continue. He noted in six years 46 ministers have been appointed and 18 ministers have resigned from a government that has submitted a failed development plan. “There is a study that shows the high confidence levels and the high success rate. We live in a period of mistrust and therefore we don’t have a clear development plan,” said activist AbdulWahab Al-Rasheed.

Al-Rasheed added, ignoring important issues, such as demographics and unemployment, are the main causes of increasing problems. He added the government is no longer credible. Meanwhile, in spite of the fact that there is no explicit constitutional text that spells out conditions for parliamentary proposals, sources explained the government has five options to deal with the issue of early retirement, reports Al-Anba daily.

The sources pointed out the five options include: Organizing a conference and inviting specialists to talk about the disadvantages of early retirement, attending meetings of parliamentary committees, continuing the exceptional employment plan that began and resulted in the appointment of 11,000 citizens within a month, acceptance of the early retirement law, reduction of pensions to less than the current 75 percent, referral of the early retirement law (in case of its issuance) to the Constitutional Court to prove the unconstitutionality and negative effects on social security as well as other negative effects.

The sources cited the negative effects, saying: It doubles the imbalance in the demographics by allowing national expertise to retire and increases the number of expatriates.

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