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Wednesday , October 27 2021

‘Boutiqaat’ … Integrity

Public Prosecution Office clears Boutiqaat from all allegations following an eight-month investigation

After eight months of investigation, the Public Prosecution drops the case and ruled out the ‘suspicion of money laundering’

AFTER marathon investigations that lasted nearly eight months, the Public Prosecution Monday issued a decision to drop the case filed against Boutiqaat Company, clearing it of the charges that were based on suspicions of money laundering, and affirming that the company’s activities have been conducted correctly and properly.

In a press statement, the Boutiqaat Company explained that the control authorities of the state audited the company’s budgets since its establishment; budgets that were endorsed by the largest audit companies in the world, The Big Four accounting firms. The audit process included inspection of the buying and selling mechanism from the point when an order is made until the delivery and collection of all sales, with the number of orders exceeding three million.

The control authorities inspected all the contracts concluded with suppliers both inside and outside Kuwait, as well as the celebrities. They also studied the shipments that were imported from abroad and their customs declarations. They perused all the company’s sales and payment methods, as well as all of its bank accounts.

Boutiqaat Company highlighted the visits made by the control authorities to its headquarters and warehouses to verify the stock and its conformity with the main and subsidiary records. The company stated, “It has been confirmed with certainty that all procedures and transactions related to the company’s activities were in line with the law. After the control authorities in the country affirmed the integrity of our position and the integrity and correctness of all our dealings, we will continue to work optimistically for ensuring a better future for the company. We look forward to continue pleasing our customers with the latest and best products and services, achieving new records, and realizing success in our online business”.

The company stressed its keenness to move forward with the expansion of its business and its plan to enter the global markets and continue serving its customers to the best possible manner. It expressed its aspiration to continue its global march as a pioneering company that placed Kuwait on the global e-commerce map.

In conclusion, the Boutiqaat family extends its sincere appreciation and gratitude to its customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and everyone who have dealt with it for the trust they showed in the company, and to all those who supported it and affirmed its business integrity.

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