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Monday , November 29 2021

Boursa Kuwait ‘building’ gets cutting-edge facelift

KUWAIT CITY, July 7: Kuwait on Wednesday said its national bourse office is undergoing major renovations that would equip the building with “cutting-edge” technology, forcing an interim closure as operations are completed. Antiquated stock market screens have been replaced with “more modern apparatuses allowing for more than 50 percent power consumption,” the bourse said in a statement, citing numerous facilities that are in need of refurbishment. The renovation work “fully complies with environment-friendly standards,” added the statement, highlighting the measure as a “social obligation” on the part of a venerable institution such as the national stock exchange.

Through this initiative, the Kuwaiti bourse seeks to ensure that none of its day-to-day operations would be detrimental to national environment conservation efforts in any way, according to Nasser Al-Sanousi, the bourse’s chief marketing officer. He hailed the initiative as one of a “plethora of endeavors” the bourse had undertaken to illustrate the significance of “sustainable development,” added the official. (KUNA)

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