Sunday , September 23 2018

‘Botox shots most effective in hiding wrinkles’

KUWAIT CITY, March 9: The ENT consultant and beauty specialist Dr Bashayer Abdullah says Botox injections and fillers are the most effective methods for hiding wrinkles, indicating that there are different techniques in these procedures depending on the types of faces, reports Al-Rai daily.

She stressed that the first step in dealing with nasal allergies is avoiding factors that will trigger them, while the second step is the use of medicines to build immunity, which are required to be taken for three to five years.

Dr Abdullah indicated about the prevalence of sinusitis and other nasal allergies, which occur due to genetic or environmental causes, adding that the increased dust particles in the atmosphere of Kuwait is the main reason behind the increasing number of cases of nasal allergies. She also cautioned against some unhealthy habits such as using cotton buds to remove ear wax, as the ears are capable of doing the job themselves. Regarding the problem of snoring and apnea, Dr Abdullah affirmed that there are medical methods to cure snoring including uvula surgery, adding that losing weight can also help in eradicating this problem

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