Thursday , January 17 2019

Board for maid recruiting firm formed

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 22: Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Matar Al-Mutairi affirmed that the board of the national company for recruiting domestic labor has been formed, reports Al-Shahed daily.

He indicated that steps are ongoing to establish this company in accordance with the law and regulations, stressing that the aim of this company is to assist families in obtaining cheap and efficient domestic labor with the cooperation of Cooperative Societies Union.

Al-Mutairi revealed that a loan of KD 1,800,000 was given to the Cooperative Societies Union for this purpose, and the share of the union in the company is 60 percent while the remaining 40 percent will be distributed among the governmental authorities.

As always, Kuwaiti charitable teams have lent a helping hand to many countries around the globe, spreading messages of hope and optimism wherever they go.

In 1999, Kuwait Direct Aid Society have helped the African nation of Tanzania to erect a girls’ high school in the Morogoro region which is over 200 kilometers from the capital Dodoma.

Speaking about this contribution, head of the society’s bureau in Tanzania Dr Adam Othman told KUNA that the establishment of the school was undertaken due to the necessity of such facility in Morogoro.

The society took the decision to ensure that girls were educated in that area, said the official who affirmed that the spread of knowledge and education was an integral part of the society’s mission.

The school consisted of 10 class rooms, six dormitories, two laboratories, a library, and other facilities, said Othman revealing that there were 121 girls currently studying at the school.

Thus far, over 500 students have graduated from the school, said Dr Othman who noted that the society helped provide relief aid to Tanzania on numerous occasions in the past. The Direct Aid Society, also known as the African Muslim Agency, began its operations in 1981. It is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) which was established by the late Kuwaiti philanthropist Abdulrahman Al-Sumait.

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