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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Blood clotting nor deaths detected related to vaccine

KUWAIT, March 11: A team at Kuwait Ministry of Health confirmed Thursday it has not detected any blood clotting or deaths related to Covid-19 vaccines.
The team is tasked with monitoring side-effects of vaccines and is following domestic and international developments about safety of vaccines, and was reacting to a temporary freeze of Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines in Denmark and Austria.
The freeze is a “routine precautionary measure in case of occurrence of un-expected effects until completion of the investigation of some blood clotting cases,” the team said in a statement.

The Danish and Austrian health authorities announced there was no evidence nor relation between the vaccine and reported coagulation, it said. It said it would constantly follow up safety of vaccines and assess the side-effect that might happen. Side-effects of Pfizer and Oxford vaccines are “expected and not lethal,” it assured.(KUNA)

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