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Blind Malaysian Muslims study Holy Quran using Braille

This picture taken on June 7, shows a visually impaired Malaysian Islamic studies student reading and memorising the Holy Quran from a Braille copy of the holy book at the Darul Quran academic institution in Kuala Kubu Bharu. (AFP)

A small community of blind students in Malaysia is attempting to learn the entire Holy Quran, a formidable task that requires them to read each page of the holy text up to 40 times. It may be the fasting month of Ramadan but the group of eight students in the central state of Selangor show no sign of fatigue as their fingers race across thick copies of the religious book. The students, who were all born blind, are among a group of 1,000 at the Darul Quran school learning and memorising Islam’s holy text. They depend on made-in-Malaysia copies written in Braille, which come in six thick volumes. (AFP)

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