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Saturday , September 25 2021

Births and deaths dept in Hawalli governorate see surge in visitors

‘MoH to archive documents electronically’

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: The Department of Births and Deaths in the Hawalli governorate witnessed a surge in visitors during the first hours as life returned to normal yesterday, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Hundreds of visitors were seen making beeline to the administration building much before the department opened its doors for business waiting to complete their overdue transactions.

Director of the Central Registry of Births and Deaths at the Ministry of Health, Dr Muhammad Al-Misha’an stressed the congestion is but natural and this is what the administration had expected, especially since the ministries and government offices had remained shut for almost four months following the outbreak of Covid-19 which necessitated to prevent the spread of the virus.

He told the daily, “Not a lot of people know that the Central Registry of Births and Deaths has never stopped working, and continued working throughout the crisis, 24×7 including official holidays, but many were not aware of this.”

Al-Masha’an pointed out the administration completed hundreds of transactions yesterday mostly related to birth certificates and deaths (citizens and residents), in addition to completing some transactions related to legal affairs in the administration, which had stopped work throughout the lockdown period, since work was limited to extracting birth certificates and death documents.

Al-Masha’an revealed that the Ministry of Health is going to archive documents electronically to protect data and files in the administration, pointing to the cooperation with the Info Systems Department to float a tender for electronic archiving soon.

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