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Wednesday , February 1 2023

Bill to tap Futures Fund

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 7: MPs Hamad Al-Obaid, Mubarak Al-Tasha, Mohammad Hayef Al-Mutairi and Mohammad Al-Mutair have submitted a bill on amending Future Generations Fund Law No. 106/1976, such that five percent of the annual profits of the fund will be allocated for housing projects. The deducted amount will be divided into two — one for Kuwait Credit Bank and the other for ongoing housing projects.

Saad Al-Khanfour submitted a proposal to establish an office for electricity and water services in every governorate like the other ministries and public institutions. MP Fares Al-Otaibi has proposed merging the resources development, real estate investment and real estate maintenance and development departments in the Secretariat General of Awqaf. He explained that his proposal is aimed at preventing the overlapping of functions between departments.

MP Khalil Abul submitted a proposal to grant allowances and job titles to teachers who passed the exams and interviews for occupying supervisory positions, but have not been appointed to such positions for more than 10 years now. He also suggested promoting these teachers as soon as possible.

On the other hand, MP Abdulaziz Al- Saqaabi forwarded queries to Minister of Defense Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al-Salem Al-Sabah about the alleged plan to refer for retirement all officers with the rank of brigadier who are below 50 year old as a way rationalizing expenditures. He pointed out that this is a violation of Article 100 of the relevant law (number 32/1967). He also asked for clarification of the allegation that Kuwait Army will increase the salary of Bangladeshi military personnel by 30 percent at a total cost of KD 28 million.

He requested for a copy of the relevant contract and he wants to know if 1,000 Bangladeshi military personnel have been assigned to technician jobs. He inquired if it is true that the Kuwait Army commander-in-chief did not implement the ministerial decisions on the promotion of several officers. He demanded for details like the number of such ministerial decisions not implemented in the last six months and reasons for non-implementation.

MP Muhammad Hayef Al-Mutairi asked Minister of Education and Higher Education Hamad Al-Adwani about the reasons behind the delayed implementation of the proposal to add the Holy Quran to the curricula of kindergartens and if the necessary steps were taken such as questioning those behind the delay.

MP Marzouq Al-Hebeini also asked the minister to provide him with copies of advertisements for the recruitment of educational district directors published in the last 20 years, if the ministry contacted the Civil Service Commission (CSC) regarding the alleged discrimination in the appointment of these directors, and copies of related correspondences if any.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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