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Bid to convert ‘vacation’ days to cash

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Many govt agencies’ employees demand for approval to amend CSC Law proposal

KUWAIT CITY, April 7: Many employees in different government agencies have demanded for approval of the proposal to amend the Civil Service Law in order to allow them to convert their unused vacation days to cash, reports Al-Qabas daily. This came after the daily published news regarding the proposal on March 18, 2021.

Government officials explained to the daily that the corona crisis brought about changes to the conditions of employees in State agencies. They pointed out these changes necessitate the amendment of the annual leave system due to the lack of benefits for employees in some institutions, including the Ministry of Health. They said this has prompted the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to present the proposed alternatives to the Cabinet Secretariat .

According to the officials, the CSC is studying possible solutions to deal with the Ministry of Health employees on one hand, and the need to ensure equality among public sector employees. The CSC then prepared three proposals as follows:
1. Amendment of Article 40 of the CSC Law to increase the maximum number of leave days that employees can accumulate from five to seven years. This is considered a permanent solution.

2. Amendment of the same article to allow accumulation of unused leave days in 2020 and 2021 – maximum of 90 days.

3. Allow employees to convert unused leave days – 180 days maximum – into cash while they are still in service.

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