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Better jobs available – Can I get release

I have completed 1.5 years in the company. I am working on “18” visa. I have found a job and planning to change, can the company refuse to give me a transfer? What are the remedies available to me?

Name withheld

Answer: If the company recruited you from your home country you can’t leave them before the expiry of three years service. On the other hand if you were hired in Kuwait you are entitled to a release as you have completed 1.5 years of service. If the company refuses to grant you a release, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour can compel them to do so if you file a complaint to the Ministry through the Labour Department in your area.

I appreciate and highly regard the free legal service rendered through your articles; your diligent services have been helping scores of expats. However my query follows, I work for a private sector company and working in Kuwait for last 6 months, I possess attested university degree, and I was directly recruited from India. A better job opportunity is offered to me, can I move to a different private company before completion of 1 year, kindly advice.

Name withheld

Answer: If you were directly recruited from India by the company you are currently working for, we are afraid you cannot leave them before completing three years of service despite being a university degree holder. The one year you are making mention of concerns the time frame within which non-graduate locally hired workers must spend with their new sponsors before they can ask for transfer. In fact locally hired graduates can change companies regardless of time spent.

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