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Friday , January 21 2022

‘Begging on phone’ – Selling Holy Quran and Zamzam water

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: Several bloggers have criticized the phenomenon of selling the Holy Quran and Zamzam water on phone and soliciting donation through unknown channels – an act they regarded as scamming and begging via phone.

A blogger identified as Rayeq Al-Rayeq tweeted, “What is happening to some expatriates, especially people from some Arab nations claiming to be calling from ‘Bayt Al-Quran and Zamzam Water’ to solicit donation, in addition to selling water and distributing Quran? They refused to give the address when I requested but promised to send it through a representative (mandoub). I told them ‘no dealings without address’. This made them to switch off the line”.

On his Twitter account, another blogger named Muhanad was astonished over a similar phone call he received from one of the fraudsters, saying “The recent development in Kuwait is unacceptable as a country governed by the Constitution. It is impossible in Germany for a stranger to call me without my consent or permission”.

By Abdul-Nasser Al-Aslami

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