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Bedoun woman in serious breach of law

KUWAIT CITY, May 11: A report sent by the British authorities to their Kuwaiti counterparts about a young Bedoun woman who sought political asylum in the UK reveals a serious violation and after making great efforts and seeing the CCTV footage of the cameras installed at the Kuwait International Airport, it was discovered that she left the Airport on the Kuwaiti passport and that she was accompanied by a Kuwaiti, who is believed to have spent time behind bars, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the report the Bedoun woman used the passport of the sister-in-law of the Kuwaiti who accompanied her to the UK to help her seek the citizenship. After leaving the woman in the UK, he returned to Kuwait with the passport she had travelled to Kuwait.

In the meantime, the bearer of the passport has denied knowledge of what has happened and told the authorities that her brother-in-law asked her to give the passport under the pretext it needed to be updated. The citizen who is still at large is expected to answer several questions after his arrest including if he took the woman to London for a fee.

Another main question is the authorities want to know if he was assisted by any airport employee, especially since the photo on the passport does not match the looks of the one who used the passport. When the British authorities asked the woman for her identification documents she said she does not have any and that the passport she travelled on has been returned to Kuwait.

The report said that the authorities in Britain returned to the surveillance cameras and confirmed that the asylum seeker entered in the name of a Kuwaiti citizen. The authorities are considering the possibility of not granting political asylum.

Asked about the fate of the Bedoun woman, the security source said: “The British authorities are still considering her request for political asylum. In the event the request is rejected, a travel document will be sent to her to return to Kuwait and where she will face the authorities and several charges, including fraud and illegal exit from the country.

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