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‘Baths, showers constitute major water consumption’ – Car-wash, kitchen, garden overuse proved wrong

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: The activity that consumes most amount of water in private residential areas is “baths and showers”, followed by kitchen needs and then other domestic activities such as watering plants, washing cars and so on, according to an experimental analysis conducted by Ministry of Electricity and Water, in collaboration with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), reports Al-Anba daily.

In her statement, Head of Ministry of Electricity and Water’s rationalization team for both public and private sectors Eng. Iqbal Al-Tayyar said the yearlong analysis conducted in private residential areas revealed that use of water for taking showers or baths constitute the highest level of water consumption. Therefore, there is an urgent need to figure out ways and means to rationalize such consumption. She explained that the analysis covered 60 villas in various governorates.

The process of studying the level and type of water consumption was done through installation of smart meters by a British company. These meters are able to determine the type and location of water usage – either in garden, kitchen or bathroom.

The company collected more than one million readings throughout the year. After analyzing the data, the company came up with the abovementioned results. Eng Al-Tayyar affirmed that this study is aimed to change the widespread assumption that water usage in kitchens, gardens or for washing vehicles are the highest. She said the ministry will strive to spread awareness among the public about the need to install devices in bathrooms, especially in the shower area to record level of water usage, reduce the amount of water used while showering and control the strength of water sprayed from shower taps.

Eng Al-Tayyar revealed that a hotel collaborated with a company specialized in this regard to install water controlling devices, which so far have proven to be effective in reducing the use of water during baths and showers. She commended Mayoral of Yarmouk which communicated with that company to ensure such water-controlling devices are available in cooperative societies at a suitable price

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