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Bachelor accommodation

I am facing a problem. I have been staying in a flat in Abu Halifa for about 18 years. The haris (watchman) came and told me to vacate the flat as I have been staying without family. Immediately, I told him that my family would come soon. After some negotiation, he gave me 3 months period to bring my family or vacate after 3 months. I discussed the issue with my Kuwaiti colleagues. They told me that Abu Halifa area is an investment area and not a residential area. So, this law is not applicable to Abu Halifa.

Moreover, I see 3-4 bachelors’ buildings near my building. How can these building owners rent to the companies accommodating bachelors and this in violation of the law. I request, if somebody can confirm whether Abu Halifa is in investment area or a residential law as far as the Abu Halifa flats are concerned.

Name withheld
Answer: Abu Halifa may be an investment area but the landlord has the right to decide whether he wants only families to stay in the building, because these families can file a case against the landlord for keeping bachelors in the building.

The law on family areas does not cover only areas but also apartments, except in cases or areas like yours where the landlord makes it clear that his building will not only house families. But if, for whatever reason, the landlord gets tenants by telling them the building will be for families only then he can’t house bachelors.

Having stayed in the building for so long does not give you the right to break the law. If the landlord only desires to keep families in the building it is his right. He can ask you to vacate by giving you a three month notice which he has done. You can take the case to court but we feel that the proceedings will go against you and you will be asked to vacate the apartment.

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