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Baby’s residence for Parents earning below 250KD

This is to inquire regarding the new policy of acquiring visa for babies born in Kuwait. We have a baby, born on April 2, 2016.

We are done already with the previous steps but at the immigration level we were denied the residence due to the salary issue — my husband’s salary on the work permit is KD 230 and mine KD 175.

I read your comments on June 2, 2016 that there’s no minimum salary requirements for children whose both parents are already in Kuwait and both are working. I want to seek legal advice on this matter.

Several times we tried to re-apply but we are repetitively denied. My baby is more than 3 months old now.

We’re very eager to apply for a visa for her or else she will be deported and both of me and my husband will face immigration problems. I hope you can enlighten us and help us on this matter. I’m counting on your immediate response.

Name withheld

Answer: The law on the issue very clearly states that in case both the parents are working the salaries are of no importance … the only exception being if either of you or both are on domestic visas.

If that is the case then you will not be able to sponsor your baby, regardless of how much you are earning.

If the clerks continue rejecting your application, ask to see a senior immigration officer and talk over the problem with him.

According to our information there has been no rule change on the issue, unless something has been done on the quiet, which is very very unlikely.

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