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Thursday , December 2 2021

Baby orangutan caught under influence of drugs to be ‘deported’

KUWAIT CITY, July 23: A baby orangutan is on the verge of being deported after it was caught under narcotic influence. It has been referred to the Kuwait Zoo in preparation for deportation, reports Al- Rai daily quoting sources from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR).

Revealing that the orangutan was referred to PAAAFR by Ministry of Interior, the sources explained that its owner was arrested following a traffic accident two months ago after he and his pet baby orangutan appeared under the infl uence of drugs. The owner, who was referred to the General Department of Drug Control, admitted that he used to share drugs with his pet for fun.

PAAAFR kept the orangutan in its custody for some time before sending it to the zoo.

Reportedly, PAAAFR has contacted the Embassy of Indonesia and has requested to send the orangutan to Indonesia because it is the place of origin of the orangutan and is considered as one of the animals under the threat of extinction.

The sources insisted the orangutan should be sent to its natural habitat in accordance with the provisions of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, which aims to ensure the survival of animals and plants. They affirmed that the one-year old baby orangutan is receiving full care at the zoo, adding that its mood keeps changing due to its addiction to drugs.

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