‘Awareness week’ tied to jabs for Rotavirus, chickenpox vital: MoH – Campaign urges parents to enrol kids for ‘vaccinations’

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: Ministry of Health stressed the importance of the “awareness week” related to vaccinations of Rotavirus and chicken pox. The campaign had kicked off earlier this week in all governorates. It highlights the need to include vaccinations of Rotavirus and chickenpox in the main list of necessary vaccinations for children, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Director of press office in the ministry Dr Ghalia Al-Mutairi stated that the awareness campaign includes organization of exhibitions in medical centers throughout the country to spread awareness on the benefits of the new vaccinations and their schedules as well as the number of doses for children and adults.

She affirmed that the ministry also launched online campaigns on social media, with presentation of documentary films and interviews with specialists as well as sending text messages about the various vaccinations available in the State of Kuwait, and the diseases that these vaccinations will help in preventing.

Dr Al-Mutairi emphasized the importance of the awareness campaign to urge parents and guardians on the need to enroll their children for the necessary vaccination programs, adding that the press office of the ministry launched an online application which will help in reminding the parents about the vaccination schedules.

She insisted that providing these new vaccinations is an important step in the prevention program of Ministry of Health which is always keen on developing its prevention and cure programs, a fact to which World Health Organization (WHO) is a witness.

Dr Al-Mutairi explained that the reports of WHO have affirmed that the coverage rate of Kuwait for majority of the available prevention vaccinations is 99 percent. The organization has recommended its member states to incorporate Rotavirus vaccination in the list of necessary vaccinations for children.

This is based on the fact that rotavirus is the most common virus that causes diarrhea in children of age below five years. This virus has caused deaths of half a million children worldwide in 2008, as per a report published by WHO.


She revealed that the vaccination offered in Kuwait is administered orally (through the mouth) in three different doses at the age of two, four and six months.

Dr Al-Mutairi affirmed that the effectiveness of this vaccine is within the range of 80 to 90 percent.

Regarding chicken pox, she explained that it is a highly contiguous disease which spreads airborne or through direct skin contact with the person suffering from it.

The chickenpox vaccination is administered as injection to children of ages one to two years. The vaccination program will be offered for children who were born on and after January 1, 2016.

Dr Al-Muteiri affirmed that the chickenpox vaccination provides children with necessary protection (immunization) against dangerous complications which could occur in some cases such as pneumonia and inflammation of tissues.



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