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Aviation can manage airport traffic volume

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Large number of departures at Kuwait International Airport

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: At a time when the Cabinet’s decision to open travel for all, and to allow citizens, residents and non-vaccinated visitors to enter the country, comes into force as of today, Sunday, the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation has made all preparations to keep pace with the ‘airport momentum’, reports Al-Qabas daily. A large number of passengers departures were witnessed at the Kuwait International Airport which was due to approaching 9 days national holidays and lifting of health restrictions.

After two years of travel restrictions life returned to normal again, expats from many countries entered Kuwait notably from India, Istanbul, Riyadh, Dubai, Beirut and London. 210 flights operated on the first day of which 102 arrived and 108 departed. Around 23,000 passengers entered and exited the airport, 13,000 departures and 10,000 arrivals.

First flight to arrive was an Indigo Airlines from India at 12.30. From India 20 flights arrived, followed by 15 flights from Saudi Arabia, 13 flights from Egypt, 10 from Dubai, 9 from Turkey, from London, Beirut and Jordan 2 flights each.

The reversal of the DGCA circular which was issued last Thursday restricting entry of the unvaccinated and those who did not complete receiving the required doses to Kuwaitis only, but later issued another circular to include all passengers — residents and visitors — to enter the country after nearly two years of ban and said they will be treated just like the citizens.

On the ground, the authorities operating at Kuwait International Airport have made the necessary preparations to facilitate the entry of inbound and departure of outbound passengers. An official source at the airport told Al-Qabas that the movement of commercial flights will witness a noticeable increase during the next month, in line with the gradual openness in the movement of travel, explaining that the increase in movement depends on the requests of operating airlines, especially that these decisions will have good repercussions on the air transport market and sectoral mobilization.

The source indicated that the operating agencies from civil aviation, the interior, health, customs and ground services companies have become fully prepared to receive arrivals and facilitate departure procedures according to a logistical plan that has been prepared to manage the movement of passengers from the moment they get off the planes until they leave the airport gates in accordance with health requirements.

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