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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Automatic cancellation of visa after 6 mnts stay outside Kuwait

I went for vacation last Jan 20th. Because of some family issues I was not able to return to Kuwait. My visa is supposed to expire in June 2019. Now I am in India. My visa was cancelled automatically after 6 months from my exit date. Can I get new visa for new company?

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, since you did not undergo the normal processes of cancelling your visa we are afraid that you will face problems in getting a new visa issued by a different company. It is true that you cannot return to Kuwait after staying outside the country for six months. This, however, does not mean that information about you will automatically be deleted from the system after six months of staying outside Kuwait as you seem to suggest. Even if there is the possibility of you getting a new visa we are of the opinion that this cannot happen before June 2019.

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