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ATVs banned in Khairan, Sabah Al-Ahmad areas

‘No removal of camps if KD 50 fine is paid’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The emergency teams of the Kuwait Municipality continue to carry out new field campaigns and remove encroachments during the camping season, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, in spite of the fact that several violations have been recorded in connection with the exploitation of state property without obtaining the licenses, informed sources told the daily in “reality it is not possible to ban camping completely although many Kuwaitis do not comply with the decisions, especially since citizens are waiting for this season from year to year and they usually are unable to cancel their activities following the onset of winter and spring.” “The decision to postpone the licensing of the spring camps for this year has not been effective and has not been implemented,” said parliamentary sources who attended the meeting of the parliamentary environmental committee recently.

“Some of the violating camps will not be removed but they will have to pay a KD 50 fine for each camp that did not obtain a license,” a source said adding that another option is to lift the seize the violating after the concerned party had been warned.

The source explained, in this case the fine will be double and cannot be recovered especially as the decision to grant licenses for the current season has not been decided, and is expected to be canceled in the absence of the official letters of the Ministry of Defense.

Young people enjoying ride on their dune buggies, also known as ATVs

Meanwhile, General Traffic Department has added Khairan and Sabah Al-Ahmad sea areas to the zones where All Terrain Vehicles are prohibited. Department of Public Relations and Media Security stated the ban on driving of All Terrain Vehicles along the coastal and housing areas, in addition to motorways is in line with the Council of Ministers Resolution No 900/2009, and concerned authorities appeal to the general public to cooperate with security men and abide by law for their safety.

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