Monday , December 18 2017

ATOCKON launches top car accessories showroom – One-stop-shop destination for finest brands

A photo from the launch of ATOCKON showroom.
A photo from the launch of ATOCKON showroom.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: Car lovers and enthusiasts in Kuwait who are looking to further enhance the look of their favorite ride can now do so through Atockon’s newly opened one-stop-shop destination for all of the world’s finest car accessory brands. ‘Atockon’ is the sister company of ‘Apex Technology’ the exclusive distributor of LLumar Films in Kuwait.

During the formal opening of the showroom, some of the high profile guests included His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al Mubarak Al Sabah – Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah and all the leading brand representatives.

Located in Block 1, Street 8, Showroom 9 at the Shuwaikh Industrial Area, the latest Atockon shop offers the best cleaning, car wrap, window tint, paint protection, spray and detailing products and services in the country. In addition, Atockon sells and distributes Qugo, an electric motor powered scooter/bike designed, developed and produced in the Netherlands. Made in Holland, designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands.

“ATOCKON is a pioneering concept in the car accessories scene in Kuwait, with so many car lovers and enthusiasts wanting to beautify their cars with street legal accessories, or car care products and services that will keep their cars looking like new all the time, we provide this market with Atockon’s brand of service excellence that will surely keep them coming back for more,” said Ali Al Shatti, Executive Manager of Atockon.

Among the world’s leading car wrap, spray film and paint protection products available at Atockon are Grafi Wrap and Foliatec. Grafi Wrap products have been used for a number of years for making commercial vehicle and road signs. But Grafityp are now taking self-adhesives a step further with Grafi Wrap Automotive & Deco films.

They are smooth cast self-adhesive films that embellish one’s vehicle and gives it an exclusive look and touch. Mirrors in carbon, a matt black boot lid, a leather or carbon-look interior, the complete body in brushed aluminium, or sport strips that change color and look of a vehicle depending on the viewing angle, all these products from Grafi Wrap are available for purchase and installation at Atockon.

On the other hand, Foliatec’s spray film from Germany is a best-selling product all over the world. Foliatec’s spray films can be used on wheels, motorbikes or as paint protection. It can even be used at home or in the garden to protect furniture. Available at Atockon, Foliatec spray films come in more than 20 colours, two sizes, and as single cans or in sets. And since 2014, it also comes in a NEON variant. More importantly, Foliatec’s range has its own accessories and is continually expanded.

ATOCKON also offers the total paint rectification solution for today’s body shop with brands such as Concept, Xpert60 and Zirconite. “Concept is globally recognized as the leading brand for detailing product solutions across the automotive, marine, commercial and transportation industries. Concept products combine the latest technologies to deliver innovative, high quality and efficient solutions for the professional user.

 “On the other hand, Xpert-60 presents professional technology for everyday use of professional, semi-professional and enthusiast. Combining concept product technologies in smaller pack sizes, all Xpert-60 products have been designed to be easy and quick to use but still deliver professional quality results. Meanwhile, Zirconite’s paint, fabric and leather products utilizes advanced technologies and apply an invisible protective coating to treated surfaces which enhance appearance without altering the OEM finish,” further added Majid Mahmood, Business Development Director at ATOCKON.

ATOCKON also has LLumar Window Film, a product of Eastman Chemicals USA, the world’s largest manufacturer of quality glass treatment films. Scratch resistant and backed by 10 years manufacturers guarantee, LLumar Window Films for automotive use is capable of cutting off ultraviolet radiation by 99 percent, infrared radiation by 94 percent and visible light transmittance by 73 percent. It can also reduce solar heat gain by 50-90 percent.

“Qugo is the way to go to private and professional users who seek fast and flexible means of individual transportation, Qugo is the answer to today’s need for a sustainable means of transportation. It is conveniently portable with its folding handle bar and low weight and is street legal and chargeable wherever you are. With no helmet required in most countries, it is easy to operate and stable to ride. And because it is 100 percent electric, it produces no harmful emissions and noise,” said Maijd Mahmood Business Development Director at ATOCKON.

Equipped with a compact hub motor in the front wheel, the Qugo’s efficient electric motor is powered by a modern 48V lithium battery pack, which is integrated in the aluminium frame.

Three disk brakes always assure enough stopping power. The backlit digital dashboard displays speed, odometer and a battery indicator. With the controls and switches on the handle bar, the rider controls its speed, the lights and the horn. It is also equipped with a very powerful 55W halogene dipped beam and front/rear LED position lamps and brake lamp. The Qugo comes in two variations, the Qugo Road and the Qugo Crossroad.

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