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Assembly ready for ‘cooperation’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10: National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al- Ghanim has affirmed the legislature’s readiness to cooperate with the government in putting the shortcomings and imbalances in governance on top of the list of national priorities. Al-Ghanim made the statement at the inauguration of the 2017 conference on governance, legislative, financial and administrative framework organized Tuesday by the parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee in cooperation with the State Audit Bureau.

He stressed that the Assembly is open to any suggestions or directives to transform theories into realistic models for actual application, indicating the conference is a step in the right direction while lauding the committee and the bureau for the efforts they exerted in organizing the event. He underscored the need to reach an agreement on how to convert concepts presented in legislative and legal forms or amendment of existing laws to close the legal and legislative gaps that impede the application of concepts and forms of governance in the public and private sectors.

He said confusion, chaos, administrative slackness, institutional fragility and corruption are disastrous alternatives to governance; highlighting the importance of a comprehensive vision on governance applications. He added, “Figures prove our backwardness in the field of governance and its implementation. Governance in Kuwait should be comprehensive as a foundation for concepts on oversight, reward and punishment. It is the  consolidation of the concept of transparency, and finally, a model of good governance.” He asserted governance is now a reality, a necessity and a way of life and management rather than a choice — such that governments, companies and social entities are rushing to utilize governance applications.

He clarified the goal is not to hurl accusations at one another – the trick of the helpless, but to have a clear scientific debate and reach an agreement on concepts which should be turned into legislation to bridge gaps in laws. On the other hand, Chairman of the conference and the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee MP Mohammad Al-Dalal explained the conference aims to raise the banner of reforms and achieve good governance.

He confirmed the Assembly wants to take effective and practical steps through the conference, such that the constitutional authorities will contribute to the development of State institutions in order to ensure a bright future for Kuwait and its people, including expatriates. In another development, MP Saleh Ashour has forwarded questions to State Minister for Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Rawdhan about the election of Kuwait Football Association Board of Directors slated for Oct 31, 2017. He quoted the interim chairman of the association as saying that the election is a violation of Law No. 34/2016 under the pretext of working towards lifting the suspension on Kuwaiti sports.

He also cited the reports of international sports organizations, such as FIFA, which presented three demands to lift the suspension and these demands do not include the election. In light of the above, the lawmaker wants to know if the necessary measures have been taken considering the allegation that the election violates Law No. 34/2016, and if it is true that the Public Authority for Sports has adopted and published amendments to the statutes on the official gazette. He then requested for a copy of the decision if the answer is in the affirmative. He also demanded for copies of correspondences between the association and the authority regarding the call for election, unified statutes issued by the authority, statutes of the association through which the call for election was made, and correspondence between FIFA and the association regarding the election.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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