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Saturday , March 28 2020

Assembly looked into eight requests for ‘immunity lift’

MP submits draft law

KUWAIT CITY, July 24: The National Assembly, in the second round of the 15th legislative term, looked into eight requests for lifting the parliamentary immunity of seven lawmakers, approved three of these requests and rejected the remaining five.

The cases include audio-visual, municipal, appeal, media and detective misdemeanors. Two of the requests were for MP Safaa Al-Hashim, and one each for MPs Farraj Al-Arbed, Ahmad Al-Fadhl, Waleed Al-Tabtabaie, Hamad Al-Harshan, Jam’an Al-Harbash and Mohammad Hayef. The Assembly did not discuss the requests to lift the immunity of MPs Saleh Ashour and Ahmad Al-Fadhl due to the resignation of the government and formation of a new one.

On the request to lift the immunity of MP Mohammad Hayef, the Assembly refused to assign the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee to prepare a report in this regard on the sideline of the special session slated for June 27, 2018.

Meanwhile, MP Majid Al-Mutairi has submitted a bill on expediting the construction of a Quranic center, mosques, family development center and venues for religious activities at Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City.

In his proposal, Al-Mutairi pointed out the Quranic center has a deep historical bearing which develops over the years, so much that such a structure and other related facilities have become major achievements in the country.He said the structure is one of the most blessed facilities as it is in charge of teaching, reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran; as well as the study of relevant Islamic sciences.

This raises religious awareness generally, while promoting Islam among various segments of the society including educational, cultural and social groups, he explained. He went on to say that Sabah Al- Ahmad Residential City is one of the modern cities and the largest in terms of size and population.He disclosed the city consists of over 9,500 housing units and not less than 124,000 people are expected to reside there.He added some facilities in the city have yet to be completed and the residents are in dire need of services.As time goes by, the city will expand to the extent of becoming a governorate; so it is necessary to prepare for future needs that include all required services, he asserted.

By Lukman Badru Arab Times Staff

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