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Asians caught gambling, drinking liquor in Mahboula

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: The Ahmadi police have arrested a number of Asians for gambling and drinking alcohol in an open ground in Mahboula, reports Al-Rai daily.

The arrest came after a video clip of the men was posted in the social media. After putting the area under surveillance security forces were able to arrest 3 people gambling in an open area in Mahboula taking shelter of the trees which prevented the men being seen by passersby.

A view of the makeshift market after the raids and the Asians caught gambling

The Ahmadi police also on Friday organized security campaigns and arrested 14 Asians, including two of them whose video clip was posted in the social media. The arrests included the organizer of the gambling den and the one who supplied booze. A security source said the gamblers have been referred to the concerned department to prepare for their deportation from the country. Raids were also conducted at makeshift markets. Many hawkers were arrested

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