Ashkanani bags Q8 Bowling 1st Single Challenge — Group 2 title – Al-Bousairi takes 2nd place as Christian settles for 3rd

Participants pose for a group photo during the Q8 Bowling First Single Challenge.
Participants pose for a group photo during the Q8 Bowling First Single Challenge.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 8: Ali Ashkanani emerged strong and unstoppable as he bagged the championship cup in the Q8 Bowling First Single Challenge -Group 2 at the COZMO Recreation Center of Khaifan. Ashkanani ranked 11 among the top 20 qualifiers who also placed 11th in the first two games of the semi final rounds scored 235, 178, 213, 218, 251 and 178 in the last six games with 1666 total points in the semi final round and snatched the top position for the finals.

The other four finalists were Fawaz Al Bousairi (1636), Daniel Christian (1627), Bader Khubaizi (1560) and Aji Varghese (1546).

The twenty semifinalists were Faisal Al Saleem (2330), Yousef Ghandanfar (2238), Abdullah Al Majeed (2231), Daniel Christian (2201), Bader Mallalah (2146), Mohammad Talal Karam (2113), Sonia Mathews (2112), Bader Khubaizi (2100), Naji Houli (2095), Fawaz Bousairi (2086), Ali Ashkanani (2079), Aji Varghese (2076), Ali Al Saffar (2076), Jowie Concepcion (2073), Omar Al Sagran (2072), Jheng Liwayway (2070), Yousef Al Houti (2062), Bader Burbayea (2060) and Abdullah Dashti (2059).

 In the first and second games of the semifinals, Daniel Christian scored 235 and 202 (445) pinfalls and instantaneously lead the pack followed by Majeed (418), Saleem (408), Ghadanfar (401) and Sagran (392) for the top 5 and the six to ten placers were Varghese (389), Khubaizi (387), Mallalah (383), Concepcion (367) and De Lima (366).

In third and fourth games, Ali Ashkanani from number 11 landed on the fourth spot with his 235, 178 ( 413), also from number 13, Fawaz Al Bousairi garnered 207, 209 (416), Bader Mallalah (813) from eight to third position while Faisal Al Saleem (816) went up from third to second spot and Daniel Christian (876) remained on top. Newcomer Sonia Mathews (735) from 16 to 9th place and the others who made it to the top 10 were Varghese (761), Khubaizi (756), Ghadanfar (745) and Sagran (721).

Front runner Daniel Christian’s (1269) advantage to the second placer Al Bousairi (1254) closed in the gap after scoring 160, 225 (385) in Game 5 and 6 against Fawaz’ 234, 235 (469) who came from fifth place. Ali Ashkanani (1227) and Bader Mallalah (1201) changed standing from third and fourth and from No. 7, Bader Khubaizi (1174) climbed to fifth place. A drastic drop from No. 2 to 9 happened to Faisal Al Saleem when he just scored 145 and 136 in Games 5 and 6 while Rudy de Lima who scored 181, 233 from No. 14 to 10 and Jowie Concepcion from No. 11 to 8 with his 231 and 191. Ghadanfar remained on the sixth spot and Varghese the seventh placer.

In the penultimate semifinal game an exalted change ensued when Daniel Christian, the top rank from Game 1 to 7 tumbled to third position when he scored 164 with total score of 1437. Ali Ahkanani who delivered 251 (highest score in the semifinal) snatched the pinnacle with the total score of 1483. Al Bousairi maintained the second highest post with his 1463, Bader Khubaisi (1383) and Bader Mallalah (1358). Sixth to tenth placers were Al Saleem (1341), Aji Varghese (1340), Concepcion (1334), Ghadanfar (1312) and Sonia Mathews (1306) respectively.

In the last game of the semifinals, the top three contenders with 20 and 46 pins difference, the crowd cheered with excitement. For every throw that resulted to split, missing easy spares and strikes in succession, everybody the crowd broke in cheers and sighs. After the final summation of points earned, Mallalah (1534) slid to No. 6 from No. 5 due to his 168 score followed by Al Salem (1525), Concepcion (1522), Ghadanfar (1507) and Sonia Mathews (1496). Finally the top 5 were Aji Varghese who scored 197 with total score of (1546), Khubaizi (1560), Ali Ashkanani (1666) front runner, second stringer was Fawaz Al Bousairi (1636) and Daniel Christian (1627) despite his higher score of 186 toppling Ashkanani (178) and Fawaz (168) who placed third.

In the championship round, the top 5 advance to step ladder finals and the combination were: Match 1 — Aji Varghese (No. 5), Bader Khubaizi (No. 4) and Daniel Christian (No.3). Daniel Christian who averages’ 199 in his semi final games returned to his deadly form scored 212 and easily surpassed the scores of Khubaizi (182) and Varghese (176). In Match — 2, Christian challenge the No. 2 Fawas Al Bousairi with almost the same his game average but unlucky to sustain his consistency when he earned 178 pinfalls while Bousairi kept his exertion for the crown and scored 202. Finally, in Match 3, Bousairi challenged the top rank Ali Ashkanani for a twice to beat game. In their confrontation, highly energized Bousairi surged and surprised Ashkanani with the score of 186-171. The conflict between the two antagonists extended for another game but the killer’s instinct of Ali transpired in the final game and eventually demolished the challenger 213-153.

After the final tally, the awarding of cash prizes, trophy and reactive balls to the winners was held. Among those who were awarded were Ali Ashkanani — Champion (cash prize and trophy); Fawaz Al Bousairi — First runner up (cash and trophy); for Daniel Christian — second runner up (cash), Bader Khubaizi — third runner up (cash) and Aji Varghese — fourth runner up (cash). Top qualifier and High Series was awarded to Faisal Al Saleem (2330) receiving reactive ball and cash price while High Game was awarded to Yousef Ghadanfar.

Meanwhile, Ferdie Saliba thanked all the sponsors and handed Plaques of Appreciation to Sultan Telecom, Safat Home, Asian SPA & Massage and COZMO Bowling Center-Khaifan.

By Michelle Fe Santiago

Arab Times Staff

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