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Harriet Bushman
Harriet Bushman
This Ramadan, my thoughts, as always on a musical theme, are about how music can be a light and inspiration in the lives of young children.  Even very young ones, and I mean 2 or 3 years old.

Talking to a particularly gifted young student about DNA and genetics, we were musing about the miracle of talent, intelligence, gifts and potential all contained in the tiny particle that eventually grows to be a baby, then a child, then an adult.

To this end, it is worth considering that inside each child is surely the capacity to respond to music if only they will be exposed to it at a young age, (the younger the better, by the way) and then consistently through their growing years.

It can start in utero, why not?  All my own children knew music from the very first and have grown to play it, love it, share it, learn from it, be inspired, comforted, thrilled and transported by it.  What a gift to give a child.  Ramadan is about families, love, celebration of all the greatest things.  If you have a small child in your family, give them the gift of music through instrument lessons, or dance, or taking them to concerts, dramatic spectacles or anywhere where good music can be heard.  It has been conclusively proven that music opens the mind and strengthens it in extraordinary and wonderful ways.

Let music be a part of your celebrations.

By Harriet Bushman

Music Director

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