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Monday , January 30 2023

Artiste Haifa expresses great joy at working again with ‘Bu Bader’

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Shujoon stars in ‘Tears of Joy’ series

Haifa Adel and Shujoon Al Hajri

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: Since their meeting in the play ‘The Bats of Oil’ ‘Modareb Bano Nift”, the artistes Saad Al Faraj and Haifa Adel have never met again in any artwork, according to Al-Rai daily.

But the director Manaf Abdel Dart’s cameras are finally focused on a heritage series, written by the Mohamed Anwar Mohamed, who previously coined the drama of the series ‘Al-Darfa’, which was a big success on the Ramadan screen in the previous dramatic season.

Haifa, in an interview with “Al-Rai”, expressed her great joy of working again with “Bu Bader”, the artiste Saad Al- Faraj, in a new series that includes senior and young stars, and deals with an important era of Kuwaiti heritage.

Adel also revealed a number of works that she intends to take part in theater, drama and cinema, especially those prepared by her husband, director Najaf Jamal. Likewise, she did not hide her admiration for the performance of the young artist Abdullah Al-Khader, describing him as a “dangerous comedian”, praising at the same time his colleague, artist Abdullah Al-Ramyan. Meanwhile, Eagle Films Company revealed the first image behind the scenes of filming the series “Tears of Joy”, starring Kuwaiti actress Shujoon Al Hajri.

Dr Al-Awadi and Bu’ark

The series, which “Eagle Films” shares with “All Over” Company , started filming a few weeks ago in Georgia, and Shujoon Al Hajri is there with the team until the end of filming.

The series “Tears of Joy” is composed of 8 episodes and is filmed with very sophisticated techniques, and it will constitute a qualitative leap in Gulf drama at the level of implementation and content, especially as it deals with a social story in a very exciting framework. The series “Tears of Joy” will be shown during the coming period, directed by French Henri Barges, and co-starring alongside Shujoon Al Hajri, is a group of the most prominent Gulf stars, including Abdul Aziz Al-Haddad, Hoda Al-Khatib, Mohammed Al-Dossari, the child Al-Zain Bou Rabie and others.

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