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Saturday , December 7 2019

‘Around 460 people die due to drug overdose in 7 years’

KUWAIT CITY, March 25: Statistics issued by the concerned government institutions show 460 people died from an overdose of drugs during the past seven years, with an average of 66 deaths per year, reports Al-Qabas daily. Kuwaitis topped the list with 120 victims, followed by Arabs in second place with 200 drug addicts and the Asians came in third with 140 victims. According to the statistics, 33 deaths were recorded in 2016, 63 cases in 2015, 63 in 2014 but the highest rate was recorded in 2013 a total of 88. This was followed by 86 in 2012; 72 in 2011; 41 in 2010, and 16 in the first three months of 2017 to date.

Cybercrimes rate high: Director of the Cyber Crimes Department affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ministry of Interior Colonel Yousef Al-Habib said the rate of cybercrimes is still high, in spite of the Electronic Crimes Law, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Habib pointed out this is because some people are not aware about the modern means of communication, particularly the social media, as well as lack of the culture of tolerance in society. Al-Habib explained about 3,958 cyber crimes were recorded in 2016 compared to 1,000 cases in the first three months of 2017, an increase of nearly 100 cases for the same period last year.

Victims of scam: Approximately 10,000 Kuwaitis were victims of scam groups outside the country, reports Al-Shahed daily. A security source pointed out these groups claim to represent telecom companies in Kuwait and congratulate victims about winning prizes. The victims are requested to send bank details such as account number and pincode and those who are ignorant about what is happening around the world fall prey to these cheats.

Drugs with inmate: Officers from the General Department for Jails and Sentences Enforcement stopped a new inmate of Central Prison from smuggling drugs into the prison, reports Al-Seyassah daily. A total of 12 nylon rolls with substances suspected to be drugs was discovered inside the area where the inmate was placed following a hearing session at Justice Palace and before he was taken to jail. Officers also found a pack of yellow-colored drug inside the electricity box of a bus that transports inmates from Justice Palace to the Central Prison. In addition, 23 substances suspected to be drugs were discovered in a prison cell along with some illicit items and money.

Sheep thieves sought: Police have arrested three people, a Kuwaiti, a GCC citizen, and a bedoun and looking for two others for stealing sheep from livestock pens, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said plainclothes police from the Criminal Investigations Department were in the Al-Safat Sheep Market and suspected a broker when he said the owner of the sheep had left the animals in his care and gone for breakfast.

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