Wednesday , September 19 2018

Around 3,000 people diagnosed with ‘Lupus’ disease in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3, (KUNA): Around 3,000 people have been diagnosed with Lupus disease in Kuwait, head of the Rheumatic and Blood Disorders Department of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital Dr Aqail Al-Muhana said on Saturday.

Al-Muhana provided that statistic in a statement to KUNA at the sidelines of the first “Conference on Coagulation”, organized by the Ministry of Health (MoH), with a contingent of more than 400 doctors, both from Kuwait and abroad in attendance.

Moreover, Al-Muhana noted that around 1,000 patients suffer from blood and rheumatic disorders, adding that the goal of the conference is to provide them with the latest methods to cure these diseases.

Speaking on the purpose of the conference, Al-Muhana said that it aims to educate the society on the types of rheumatic and blood disorders, as well as the ways to boost immunity against these diseases which would in turn, promote health knowledge. A highly obscure disease, Lupus is a chronic disease that attacks the immune system, causing inflammation, pain and swelling of joints and other organs in the body.

Treatment of this diseases depends on the symptoms and the severity of the condition, as women are 10 times more susceptible to Lupus than men. Meanwhile, Director of recreational activities in the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Abdullah Al-Adwani announced on Saturday the start of a “Poetry Academy” as the first scientific academy concerned with Arabic and folk poetry.

Al-Adwani said in a press statement that the idea behind creating a poetic academy is meant to produce young poets and critics to be able to enrich cultural life in the Kuwaiti society, as well as to promote youth self-confidence to enter the cultural arena and impact positively to promote national identity.

He explained that the academy has a scientific approach that was compiled by academics and specialists, where the curriculum contains essential mechanisms that enable the participants of the Academy to taste and analyze poetic texts based on clear scientific criteria so as to deal with the Arabic language properly. He pointed out that registration will be open from Sept 4th until Sept 24th on the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs’ site.

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