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Monday , January 30 2023

Are Fridays & Saturdays included in 70 days maternity leave?

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I would like to inquire about the policy governing maternity leave. I delivered my baby and my leave started on Feb 3, 2019. Our days off are Friday and Saturdays. My question is: are Fridays and Saturdays included in the 70 days when counting the maternity leave and the holidays in between. Actually I don’t know when I will resume because of the issue of Fridays and Saturdays and the holidays in between. Please can you clarify my queries.

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Answer: The law governing maternity leave in the private sector talks of seventy days; so 70 days mean 70 days which you must start counting from Feb 3rd when you began the maternity leave and when you get to 70, you go to work the following day. In short the days off and holidays inbetween are counted as part of the 70 days. It is only the annual leave that you don’t count the off and holidays as part of the leave.

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