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Thursday , April 25 2019

Arab Inter Parliamentary Union commends Kuwaiti support for Palestinians

Jerusalem as Israel capital rejected

CAIRO, July 22, (KUNA): Members of the Arab Inter- Parliamentary Union (APIU) commended Saturday State of Kuwait’s support of the Palestinian cause at all levels and different conferences. The AIPU members, in a final statement following an urgent session on Palestine held at request of Kuwait Parliament speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim, praised Kuwait’s role within the UN Security Council, UN General Assembly and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to rallying support for the Palestinian cause.

They rejected the US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel as well as moving the American Embassy to the city. This decision, they said, was destroying the peace process and all international agreements related to the Palestinian cause. The US is therefore no longer a true broker of peace process and has become a party that supports aggression rather than justice and peace, which contradicts with the declared American position as a neutral sponsor of the peace process in the Middle East and bringing justice for the Palestinian people to establish their independent state, they said.

They called for setting up an international framework to sponsor the Middle East peace process, paving way for a just and lasting solution for the Palestinian cause.

The Arab MPs condemned the US veto of a draft UN resolution that would have stopped recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving of the embassy. This veto, they said, was siding with unjustice, by also aborting a draft UN resolution to protect the Palestinian people. They urged the UNGA to adopt all necessary measures to implement its resolutions.

The MPs said Arabs were supporting just peace that would guarantee rights of the Palestinian people. They condemned the Israeli inhumane aggression against unarmed Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and all occupied lands.

They condemned Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands to build Jewish settlements, force deportation of Palestinians in an attempt to change the demographic status of Palestinian lands. The AIPU members urged Arab parliaments and governments to boost support for the Palestinian people to enable them defend their lands and holy sites. They condemned Israel’s seizure of financial assets of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs, calling for their return.

They also denounced the Israeli parliament, Knesset, Jewish nation law which not only contravened with human rights principles but undermined international endeavors to solve the Palestinian cause. The Arab MPs rejected cut of funding from UNRWA, commends Egypt’s role in reconciling between Fatah and Hamas, praised Saudi Arabia’s support of the Palestinians.

Speaking to the press at the National Assembly’s headquarters, Speaker Al-Ghanim said that the final communique of the AIPU session had reflected a strong Arab position against the Israeli occupiers who are continually trying to strip the Palestinians from their national identity and rights.

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