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Wednesday , September 18 2019

API head praises moms of kids with disabilities – ‘Great humanitarian role’

KUWAIT CITY, April 12, (KUNA): Director General of the Arab Planning Institute (API) Dr Bader Malallah said Monday the mothers of children with intellectual disabilities play a great humanitarian role in social development. “In recognition of their role in caring for their children, Sanad Charitable Foundation and Al-Kharafi Activity Kids Center are offering the Ideal Mother Award for Intellectual Disabilities,” he said.

Malallah made the comments in a speech on behalf of Sabeeka Al-Jasser, chairperson of Sanad foundation, at the award giving ceremony, held at Regency Kuwait hotel. “Al-Kharafi Activity Kids Center, an affiliate of Sanad foundation, is equipped with the latest techniques and specialized educational facilities to rehabilitate the children with intellectual disabilities,” he pointed out. He appreciated the efforts, being made by Sabeeka Al- Jasser, to develop the center, and paid homage to late Jassem Al-Kharafi, a great Kuwaiti philanthropist, for his contributions to center and care for persons with special needs.

On her part, Aisha Al-Salem, secretary general of the award, said despite the generous funding by the state for the efforts to ensure decent living for the people with special needs and their families, there is a lot to be done in this domain. “Children with intellectual disabilities and their families still suffer a lot to find the specialized and timely medical and educational care that suits their needs,” she said. “Late diagnosing leads to late specialized care, which in turn, leads to exacerbation of the disability and complication of the effort to overcome it,” Al-Salem cautioned.

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