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Annual leave & Payment

Could you please help me calculate my annual leave and also payment for the same according to the following details:

Last rejoining date (from leave): 01-10-2014 As per the yearly vacation calculation, the due date for my next month vacation (after 11 months – 30 days) is 01-09-2015.

So, is the calculation (from the last rejoining date) calculated on the basis of 335 days (11 months) or 365 days (12 months).

Is the total paid 27.5 days Or Is this leave 30 days Could you please provide a detailed reply on the issue according to the Kuwait Labor Law.

Name withheld
Answer: We answered the same question a few weeks ago but just in case you missed the answer we are reproducing the same for your information.

First of all please remember that you are entitled to paid 30 days annual leave once every year. So, this year normally starts from the day you begin your leave. So, the date of rejoining from leave doesn’t matter (unless you have taken extra leave i.e. leave over and above the 30 days you are entitled to every year).

So, the leave is for 30 days. In fact you get a payment for almost 34 days because these are 30 working days and have to be divided by 26 (working days in a month) and multiplied by your salary. For example, if your salary is KD 500 your leave payment will be calculated as follows: 30 /26 x KD 500 = KD 577

So, if the company tries to pay you a month’s salary please draw their attention to this calculation.

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