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Wednesday , March 3 2021

Annual leave calculation

I have already mailed my question but it didn’t get published. Now I want to make sure that my mail reaches you. My question may already be in the pipeline as you may be receiving many questions.

Still I want to make sure my query is in right hands. I have to submit my leave application at the earliest in this connection I will repeat my question again.

First of thanks for your valuable advice. I want to go on vacation … my working days are Sunday to Thursday.

I want to take vacations from Dec 30, 2016 to Jan 28, 2017. I will fill my leave application with the leave starting from Jan 2 to Jan 26 (Dec 30, 31 are week holidays and Jan 1 is a public holiday and Jan 27 and 28 are week holidays. I plan to return work on Jan 29, 2017).

1. I want to know how many holidays will be deducted from my annual leave.

2. My salary is KD 500, and I want to know what will be my leave salary and monthly salaries of December and January.

Name withheld

Answer: Please remember that your query is ALWAYS in the right hands provided it reaches us as we ensure that we reply every question sent by our readers.

Secondly, coming to your question, regardless of the fact that you get two days off every week, only one day is counted as the weekly off because the other off day’s work is spread over the other five days.

The Kuwait Labor Law also only grants you one day off per week. If you want to save one day, you should apply for leave from Jan 2, 2017 and leave the country (with your office’s permission) on the evening of Dec 29, 2016. In most good companies you even don’t need such a permission.

Then you should end your leave on Jan 26 (total 25 days) and join the office on Jan 29 morning. In such a case you will have a deduction of only 21 days (because four week days fall in between) from your annual leave balance.

This is the correct way to do so, according to the Kuwait Labor Law although a lot of companies have wrongly interpreted the law to suit themselves.

Your leave salary will be KD 500 / 26 x 21 = KD 403.850 (for the 21 days) You will get your full month’s salary (KD 500) for Dec but only 5 days pay for Jan = KD 500 /31 x 5 = KD 80.650


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