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Animal abuse alleged to prevent livestock export

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: The Australian press has dropped a bombshell when it revealed the involvement of a local organization which claims to work in the field of animal welfare showing cruelty and systematic torture of sheep exported from the country, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

According to a report in the newspaper ‘The West Australian”, widely known as ‘The West’ and is the only locally edited daily newspaper published in Perth, Western Australia, investigations by the Australian authorities concluded that an animal welfare organization was involved in deliberate animal abuse and cruelty to animals in order to prevent their export from the country.

According to the newspaper, the activists of the organization called ‘Animals Australia’ sent e-mails to sheep export workers asking them to fabricate news and leak pictures and videos to confirm the idea of animal abuse and cruelty on board ships to Kuwait and a number of countries in the region, after promising them large sums of money equivalent to three times what they receive.

The newspaper said the organization asked the workers to cut off air supply, and close the ventilators in sheep pens, in order to harm cattle throughout the shipping journeys, in exchange for large sums of money.

While the international press, led by the British Daily Telegraph, reacted to the scandal, and its report stated that the Australian organization deliberately took these actions in order to exert pressure on the authorities to ban the export of livestock.

Although the organization claims that it deplores such treatment by exporters including the Kuwaiti livestock company (Al-Mawashi), which was one of the largest affected by such fabrications, this did not prevent members of the Australian Parliament from moving towards this case.

According to the report, the investigations showed new confessions from ship workers, who confirmed that their colleagues had encouraged them to be cruel in handling and dealing with animals to send a message that animals were suffering during export to the countries of the region, thus fulfilling the desire of activists working for the organization that operates under the slogan ‘animal welfare’.

The report said one of the most prominent figures in this case is a Pakistani worker, Fazal Ullah, who worked on the deck of a ship and helped the organization ‘Animals Australia’.

Fazal Ullah received $38,000 in his bank account and admitted he had sent letters to a friend saying he could get $20,000 to make such negative images and videos for the organization.

The report also pointed out that Fazal Ullah was nominated by the organization ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)’ as the best person of the year for his alleged role in leaking negative images of how to deal with live sheep and export them.

He was also nominated for the award for playing a prominent role in the report, which was published on April 8 last year, and which took place over 60 minutes with horrific scenes of cattle that are suffering or dead cattle due to severe heat during shipping trips to the Middle East.

The report of the Australian newspaper pointed out that this incident is not the first of its kind, as other organizations working in the field of animal welfare admitted they paid for such negative images to be broadcast to the public in order to mobilize public opinion against the export of live sheep to the region.

Experts believe that the case triggered by the Australian press will contribute to the resolution of the reexport of Australian sheep to Kuwait and the region, and return to rehabilitate the Kuwaiti livestock and its right after the severe abuse it suffered from the false accusation by Australian authorities that it put livestock at risk and died aboard their vessels due to ill-treatment, while the reality is otherwise holistic, as the practices that emerged more than once were artificial and fabricated by the Australians themselves.

They also believe that Al-Mawashi Co has the right to resort to the Australian judiciary and possibly the world in order to obtain compensation for the losses suffered by the series of fabrications against it.

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