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Saturday , March 28 2020

Ancient mosque found on Failaka

The remains of the ancient mosque in Failaka island

KUWAIT CITY, April 6, (KUNA): Remains of an ancient mosque have been discovered on Failaka island, one of several islands dotting Kuwait’s territorial waters.

Agnieszka Binkowska, head of a Polish expedition of excavators, said the historic site was located in the village of “Kharayeb Al-Desht.” Kuwaiti and Polish archeologists discovered the 200 square meter mosque, including four large columns, each of a 1.5-meter length, that had been erected to support the ceiling, said Dr Binkowska in an interview with Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA).

There are also two mihrabs, one of 1 m width and 1.5 m depth, and the smaller one measured 0.7 m in width and 04 m in depth. Dr Binkowska said the excavators are seeking to determine when the old mosque was last used. “Kharayeb Al-Desht” is situated on the northern shore of the island.

The ancient site was first pin pointed by an Italian expedition in 1976. Remains at the location are thought to belong to Islamic rules in the 16th century. The Kuwaiti-Polish team of excavators have found remains of two ancient houses, more than 100 clay ovens and stone items indicating that the old settlers depended on the sea to make a living.

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