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An Indian robbed by a person wearing army uniform

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 2: An Indian accused a person in Kuwaiti army uniform of looting him after he arrested him in the Mangaf area and demanded to show his identity.

The victim went to one of the security points in one of the main streets in Al-Manqaf, and told the security officers that someone was wearing the army’s military uniform driving a saloon car asked him to stop and show his identity and when he showed it to him he took his wallet and fled.

A security source told that “the Indian described the impersonators car, and stated that the wallet contained an amount in Kuwaiti currency and some Indian rupees, he could identify who had stolen him if he was arrested.

A felony case in the name of (deprivation and impersonation) was registered and detective was assigned to investigate to arrest and produce to the police station the Public Prosecution was informed.

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