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Amir emphasized sound democracy

National Assembly members seen in groups during the special session called to elect members of parliamentary committees

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 1: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s speech to the third regular session of the 15th legislative term of the National Assembly was comprehensive and directive, and called for practicing sound democracy, Minister of Information Mohamad Al-Jaberi said on Wednesday.

Al-Jabri, also Minister of State for Youth Affairs, made the press statement on the sidelines of meeting with some journalists who came to Kuwait on the occasion of opening the session.

His Highness the Amir also called for reforms and accountability, which is a roadmap for a fruitful cooperation between the government and National Assembly, Al-Jabri added. He noted that Kuwait under His Highness the Amir has become a global hub in settling disputes peacefully and combating terrorism, in addition to helping vulnerable people regardless of their race and religion.

The minister welcomed the visiting journalists, lauding their leading role in showing the good image and covering major events in Kuwait. His Highness the Amir has, meanwhile, sent cables of congratulations to members of Parliament who won memberships of standing committees on Thursday.

He wished all of them success in the service of Kuwait. His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah also sent cables to committee members to congratulates them on their memberships.

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah also sent similar cables.

The National Assembly held a special session Thursday to elect members of its permanent committees for the third regular session of the 15th legislative term as follows:

Response to the Amiri Address
1. Safa Abdulrahman Al- Hashem
2. Khaleel Abdullah Abul
3. Ouda Al-Ruwaii
4. Osama Eissa Al-Shaheen
5. Hamad Said Al-Hershani

Petitions and Complaints
1. Mubarak Heif Al-Hajraf – Chairman
2. Saud Mohamemd Al-Shuwair – Rapporteur
3. Talal Sa’ad Al-Sahli
4. Khaled Mohammed Al- Otaibi
5. Ali Salem Al-Duqbasi

Interior and Defense Affairs
1. Askar Owed Al-Enizi – Chairman
2. Naif Abdulaziz Al-Ajmi – Rapporteur
3. Khaled Mohammed Al- Otaibi
4. Saud Mohammed Al-Shuwair
5. Nasser Sa’ad Al-Dousiri

Economic and Financial Affairs
1. Khalaf Dumeitheer Al- Enizi
2. Salah Abdulreda Khoursheid
3. Safa Abdulrahman Al- Hashem
4. Faisal Mohammed Al- Kandari
5. Omar Abdulmohsen Al- Tabtabaei
6. Mubarak Salem Al-Hurais
7. Faraaj Arbed Al-Arbed

Legal and Legislative Affairs
1. Mohammed Hussain Al- Dalaal
2. Adel Jassem Al-Damkhi
3. Ahmed Nabeel Al-Fadel
4. Khaleel Abdullah Abul
5. Mohammed Hayef Al- Mutairi
6. Khaleel Ibrahim Al-Saleh
7. Khaled Hussain Al-Shatti

Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs
1. Ouda Al-Ruwaii – Chairman
2. Mohammed Al-Huwaila – Rapporteur
3. Osama Eissa Al-Shaheen
4. Yousef Al-Fadala
5. Khaleel Abdullah Abul

Health, Social and Labor Affairs
1. Hmoud Abdullah Al-Khodair —Chairman
2. Osama Eissa Al-Shaheen — Rapporteur
3. Thamer Sa’ad Al-Suwait
4. Sa’ad Ali Al-Khanfour
5. Sadoun Hamaad Al-Otaibi

Foreign Affairs
1. Abdulkareem Abdullah Al-Kandari — Chairman
2. Abdullah Fahaad Al-Enizi — Rapporteur
3. Hamad Saif Al-Hershani
4. Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Babtain
5. Faraaj Arbed Al-Arbed

Public Utilities
1. Rakaan Yousef Al-Nusuf
2. Mohammed Merwe Al-Hadiya
3. Majed Musa’ad Al-Mutairi
4. Sa’ad Ali Al-Khanfour
5. Nasser Sa’ad Al-Dousiri
6. Hamdan Salem Al-Azmi
7. Talal Sa’ad Al-Sahli

Budget and Final Accounts
1. Adnan Sayed Abdulsamad
2. Riyadh Ahmed Al-Adsani
3. Shuaib Shabaab Al-Muwaizri
4. Safa Abdulrahman Al-Hashem
5. Mohammed Hadi Al-Huwaila
6. Adel Jasem Al-Damkhi
7. Abdullah Yousef Al-Roumi

Protection of Public Funds
1. Omar Abdulmohsen Al-Tabtabaei
2. Shuaib Shabaab Al-Muwaizri
3. Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Babtain
4. Khaled Hussain Al-Shatti
5. Salah Abdulreda Khourshed

State Priorities
1. Faisal Al-Kandari
2. Ahmed Nabeel Al-Fadel
3. Abdulkareem Abdullah Al-Kandari

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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