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Ambassador appeals to Ghanaians to be law-abiding

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: The Ghanaian community in Kuwait Friday held their maiden general meeting at the Ghana Embassy in Kuwait. The meeting was attended by Ghanaians from all corners of Kuwait, with the Ghana Ambassador to Kuwait, His Excellency Ahmed Rufai Yahaya Iddi speaking at length on the aims and objectives of the mission in Kuwait.

Also in attendance were executive members of the Association of Ghanaians Resident in Kuwait (AGRIK), Ghanaians in Kuwait (GIK) as well as Kuwaiti Lawyer Mohammed Al Murri. Ambassador Rufai urged Ghanaians to be worthy ambassadors of their homeland to Kuwait, living exemplary lives. He indicated that even though the embassy is not yet firmly grounded, having opened last January with still some structures to be put in place, the staff of the embassy still strive to solve some of the most pressing problems of the community.

Among the objectives of the embassy, according to the Ambassador, is to ensure the welfare and mobilization of Ghanaians in the diaspora towards national development, believing there might be some among the professionals who can contribute meaningfully towards Ghana’s development. “In view of this the government of the republic has established the Diaspora Affairs Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Diaspora Affairs Officer desk established in each of Ghana’s missions abroad to work in conjunction with the Consular officers”.

The ambassador indicated there is a limit to which the embassy can intervene when a Ghanaian falls fowl of the law in Kuwait, so people should comport themselves well and respect the laws of the land. On the importation of Ghanaian maids to Kuwait which has been temporarily suspended due to incessant reports of abuse, the ambassador said he’s working to have the President of Ghana who is visiting next month take up the issue with the Kuwaiti authorities to arrive at a compromise.

The Kuwaiti lawyer, Al Murri advised Ghanaians in Kuwait to always ensure they have their resident permits up-to-date. He said he stands ready to assist Ghanaians resolve any case they might have with the authorities.

On the maids issue, a member of the community urged the embassy to work hard to make the temporary ban permanent because out of every 100 maids that arrive here only about 10-20% are able to serve out their contracts successfully.

However, others were of the opinion that the maids should be allowed in to work to feed their families back home. On operations of the embassy, a member suggested that basic public relations principles need to be employed to ensure satisfactory services are delivered to the community, saying that calls should be made to people who submit documents for processing to assure them the documents are being processed. And that there should be a hotline established to allow members of the community easy access to the embassy.

Another member suggested that a WhatsApp group should be formed and made available to all members who can be informed on issues arising. He said some people work in homes and have no chance to walk out to attend meetings, but once a message is sent on the platform they can show it to their sponsors who would allow them out to att

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