Tuesday , September 25 2018

Am I eligible for a driving licence?

I want to know if I am eligible for a driving licence? My details are as follows.

1. Salary on the work permit is KD 600.

2. I am a post graduate in commerce and my degree certificate is attested and translated.

3. I am a resident since March 2016 and working in my present company since August 2016.

4. My designation in work permit is insurance adviser/executive.

If I am not eligible, kindly let me know the reason and if it’s due to my designation, please explain which designations are allowed.

Name withheld

Answer: You meet all the requirements to apply for a driving licence but as to whether you get one will depend on your medical condition and passing the driving test. When it comes to acquiring a driving licence, designation only plays a role if the applicant doesn’t meet some of the requirements and hence seeks exemption which is granted by the Director-General of the Traffic Department.

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