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Tuesday , December 11 2018

‘We’re always alert for security threats’ – ‘Fight against terrorism continues’

Lt-Gen Mahmoud Al-Dousari

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 24, (KUNA): Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lt- Gen Mahmoud Al-Dousari said Monday the ministry is constantly assessing the terror threats in order to prepare the proper responses. “There is a security team who are tasked with analyzing the level of security risks,” he said, affirming the preparedness of the security forces to address any emergency that could face the country. Lt-Gen Al-Dousari made the press remarks while attending the first voluntary action day to help the elderly people.

The event is organized by the Kuwaiti Charitable Society for Elderly Care and Rehabilitation under the slogan of “your kids at your service.” “The terrorist threats are a matter of concern for all countries of the world that requires joint action and close collaboration,” Lt-Gen Al-Dousari pointed out. On the voluntary action day, he said the decision-makers at the ministry adopted a range of measures to facilitate service for the elderly people and people with special needs.

These include exemption from residency fees and opening offices at all traffic and security service departments to help those people get service as fast as possible, he added. Lt-Gen Al-Dousari thanked the organizer of the event for encouraging the youth, males and females, to help the elderly people get government service and training them to tackle any emergency in the future.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti official on Tuesday affirmed the State of Kuwait special concern for combating terrorism and drying up its funding resources. Saad Al-Kharaz, the social affairs undersecretary, in a statement to KUNA on sidelines of the second meeting grouping senior Arab officials charged with implementing the Arab Summit resolution (699) on terrorism, said a Kuwaiti paper of action was delivered to the general secretariat, which adopted most of its points.

Al-Kaharaz, who chaired the Kuwaiti delegation at the meeting, indicated that the document proposed recommendations and mechanisms on implementing the resolution. Kuwait’s paper covers legal, social, economic and media issues, namely role of the Arab ministries of information in combating this phenomenon, he added. This topic will be addressed at the Arab social affairs ministers’ meeting, due in Kuwait in November, he said, stressing on necessity of the Arab states’ unity in facing terrorism.

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