Sunday , October 21 2018

Al-Tunsy Real Estate offers high quality projects in Turkey and UK – Part of new strategy for next 3 years

Tamer Magdy and Ali Faraj during the signing of the cooperation protocol.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Al-Tunsy Real- Estate Group held a press conference yesterday during which the signing of a cooperation protocol with Baitak Real Estate Services Company (Sarajevo), which unveiled its new strategy for the coming years, which includes the development and marketing of a variety of real estate projects in a number of markets and promising countries, mainly the Bosnian, Turkish and British markets.

Tamer Majdi the group’s executive director, said that the Al-Tunsy Real-Estate Group, which is an extension of Al-Asaleeb Al-Hadetha (The Modern Styles) company founded by the late Mohamed Al-Tunsy in 1985, which was keen to work according to the highest level of organization, specialization and proficiency.

The Group will continue its work in an environment based on integrity, initiative Creativity and loyalty. Meanwhile, we emphasize our constant commitment to the rights of investors through transparency and professionalism, and to work as a harmonious and integrated team to ensure the continuity, growth and prosperity of the Group in the long run.

He added that the launch of the current Tunsy Real Estate Group was based on a clear vision on which the results of yesterday were built, in addition to the strength and reputation of a high level of professionalism.

Thus, we gain the respect of investors, markets, institutions and Real Estate Companies, which will help us to follow up the message of the group.

He pointed out that Modern Technologies Co, one of the first and oldest companies, with a long history of more than thirty years of experience and excellence in the field of development, and real estate investment.

It has established many companies under the umbrella of Al-Tunsy Real Estate Group Which is associated with the name of commitment, credibility, innovation, and reasonable prices.

On the most important real estate markets targeted during the next phase, Majdi said that the company will offer real estate projects in the markets of Bosnia, Turkey, and Britain, confirming that the selection of these markets came on the basis of several studies conducted by the company which  proved that these markets are considered promising and have profitable returns in  the near and long term.

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