‘Al-Tadhamon’ honored by MP

The U-19 League Champions Al-Tadhamon with MP Ali Al-Deqbasi after the ceremony.

KUWAIT CITY, April 20: Al-Tadhamon Sports Club board member and Football Director Talal Al-Murshad praised the grand ceremony organized by MP Ali Al-Deqbasi at his diwaniya on Thursday, April 20 in honor of the youth team of Al-Tadhamon Club who are the Under-19 Football League Champions of the current season.

The ceremony was attended by the club’s board of directors and fans of the club — “Al Aneed”. The club recently won the youth premier league for the first time in its history.

Al-Murshad said, “Our players deserved that honor by the Honorable MP Al-Deqbasi, who is our club man. He never neglected the team for even one day”

He stressed that the team realized the achievement with the support of the board of directors led by Board Chairman Mubarak Al-Muaseb, adding, “Through this, we will win the Youth Cup, as we have set our eyes on it to finish a historic “double” for the club”.

Al-Murshad affirmed that their league victory was also the result of the tremendous efforts exerted by the technical team over the past years with the goal of creating a strong winning team.

He thanked the technical staff, managers, the administration and the players for their excellent performance in the league, wishing for continuation of such efforts during the Youth Cup, which will kickoff on Friday.

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