Al-Tabtabaei ordered to post KD 5,000 bail

KUWAIT CITY, April 10: The Criminal Court, chaired by Judge Meteb Al-Ardi, decided to refrain from imposing a sentence on former MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei who has been accused of spreading false information and ordered him to post bail of KD 5,000. Al-Tabtabaei told the court that the Interior Ministry is targeting him, since he said the Iranian scheme is aimed at attacking Kuwait by using the ‘soft’ Lebanese method. He claimed several cases were filed against him just because he warned about the dire consequences of Iranian interference in Kuwaiti affairs.

When the judge asked Al-Tabtabaei if he has evidence on the Iranian scheme against Kuwait as he posted on Twitter, he said the discovery of the Abdally Cell proves that his statement is true. It can be recalled that the Public Prosecution referred the former MP to the court due to his tweets about the position of HH the Crown Prince and the alleged plots targeting this position.

Court set to hear defense: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Muhammad Ja’afar, will listen Monday to the arguments of the defense panel for two of the accused in the Fintas Group case, in which 13 people are involved including lawyers, media figures and several members of the ruling family. The defense for the remaining suspects will be heard on April 18. The case register shows that the suspects were charged with undermining public order, abusing the authority of HH the Amir, inciting others to cause panic, spreading rumors, interfering in the work of the judiciary and humiliating judges.

Court overturns verdict: The Misdemeanor Court, headed by Judge Rajab Al-Rujieb, overturned the verdict of the First Instance court which imposed a jail term and fine of KD 43,000 on an expatriate in a diesel smuggling case. The Misdemeanor Court then ordered a citizen to pay fine of KD 4,000. Attorney Ali Al-Asfori, who represented the accused in court, challenged the validity of the evidence presented against his client since the containers did not contain subsidized diesel. He also argued there is no proof that the accused manufactures such products and the experts’ report contradicts the entire case.

KD 2K compensation for teacher: The Administrative Court, presided over by Judge Emad Al-Habeeb, nullified the job performance appraisal of a female employee in the Ministry of Education and ordered payment of KD 2,000 compensation for her. Case files indicate the employee was unfairly appraised by the authority of the school she was working for, given that she accomplished all her duties as a teacher perfectly, in addition to her attendance record compared to her other colleagues who were given perfect scores despite some shortcomings in their overall performance. In her defense was Attorney Mubarak Al-Nuweibit who urged the court to nullify the appraisal rating of his client due to irregularities of the appraisal process conducted by the school’s authority. He also urged the court to instruct the school to pay compensation to his client for the emotional damage she suffered due to the unfair rating she received and unfair decision made by the school’s administration. Al-Nuweibit presented all the necessary documents to the court, showing her actual performance and along with the appraisals of her colleagues who received excellent rating, in addition to the record of dispute between his client and the administration of the school

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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