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Al Qwassem sweep Swooping Eagles as TGIF bounce back

Swooping Eagles Team

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: On the penultimate week of the on-going Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait Tenpin Bowling Tournament dubbed 2018 Elite Challenge Cup held at COZMO Entertainment and Bowling Center in Kaifan the mighty teams Al Qwassem, TGIF Strikers, UNIMONI Exchange and COZMO Lane Masters prevailed over puny teams the Swooping Eagles, SKARZ, Pin Pals and Lolos’ Bowlers, respectively. With the current standing of the top six teams with their registered total points, it is futile for the lowest three teams specially Swooping Eagles who was stalking Lolos’ Bowlers with 588 points to snatch the spot. Al Qwassem swept the three-game series against its antagonist Swooping Eagles 1,038-914, 922-840, 985-872 (2,970-2,626).

With the win, the Al Qwassem team grabbed the fifth position from Lolos’ Strikers who slide to sixth position while the Eagles remain nursing in the seventh place with huge point difference. All Stars’ Ibrahim Al Jadi scored 594 big points, supported by Al Qassem clan, Ali added 570 points, Fadel chipped in 551 points and Hassan had 546 points with Yousef’s 418 points.

The Swooping Eagles’ bowlers were Riz Roque (476), Jessica Balagat (459), Darrell Sullivan ((419), Clinton Cathers (405), Alonzo Bush (240) and Mona Corpuz (104).

Another mismatch game was between the TGIF and SKARZ when the former stripped away the puny team with their three scheduled games 955- 812, 946-839, 942-821 (2,868-2,472). TGIF ricocheted after a disgusting loss last week from the hands of the league top rank COZMO who stopped their winning streak for the fourth week.

TGIF top scorer was Mar Evangelista (477), Joel Tizon (435), Moises Amahan (328), Eddie Pena (312), Rene Marzan (308), Sam Behbehani (306) and Pilar Patula (153) while Skarz big pointer was Melwin Isaac (416), Stephen Sequiera (413), Eden Danan (343), Fatima Fernandes (330) and Roshan D’ Souza (297) whose defeat registered with only one win with seven losses. Lolos’ Bowlers perceived their defeat after losing the first two-games of their collision with the COZMO Lane Masters 946-883, 990-896 even they won the third game with low output 867-829. Their loss was the fourth with three wins and bye-game records in the elimination game. The highest scorer was Ruben Cervantes (537), Lito Michael (533), Noel Mahayag (507), Ely Ebrada (335) and Bader Malalah (163) while Lolos big pointer was Rocky Castil (489) assisted by Abel Nitikusumo (417), Bima Nitikusumo (403), Cris Carungay (304), Reygan Percy (252) and Leila Cervantes (229).

With the lose the Lolos’ Strikers skid to sixth position while COZMO as the league leader from first day of the elimination. Finally, UNIMONI Exchange continued its fifth consecutive week’s winning streak after a bye game and two losses during the first two weeks. They swept the three-game series against Pin Pals 2,845-2,376. Unimoni’s big pointer was Sonia Mathews (557) followed by Rashid Ali (519), Rudy de Lima (472), Neveen Wasel (468) and Ali Khalil while Pin Pals bowlers were Diego Camilo (416), Raj Reddy (390), Allan Fernandes (360), Agnello Fernandes (345), Avanash Mathew (230) and Neeta Fernandes (103).

Green Apples played bye and the players were Mohammad Othman (485), Jhon Narvasa (418), Adolfo Prena (418), Alex Cervantes (306), Neng Cervantes (286) and Jocelyn Barros (252). Meanwhile, in the individual best, in Individual High Game, in Mens’ Class A – controlled by Noel Mahayag (245); Class B was held by Bader Malalah (236); Class C, Avinash Mathew (222) and in Ladies Class A – Sonia Mathews (213) and in LB – Mona Corpuz (186).

In the Individual High Average there were no changes only the points, in Mens’ Class A, Ibrahim Al Jadi (188.6); Mens’ Class B, Rashid Aker (179.9); Class C – Mohammad Othman (172.2); and in Ladies A – Sonia Mathews (187.7) and Ladies B – Imelda Calingasan (154.1).

By Rocky DG Delos Reyes

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